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本文摘要:今天老师为大家整理了高中英语八种信件写作的实用金句和满分范文,用在英语作文里会增色加分不少。快快抓紧时间多储蓄几个吧!为高考加油!老师已为大家备好电子打印版,想要获取电子打印版请私信。1邀请信No.1 金句记诵1. Im now writing on behalf of the classmates to invite you to come and attend it, if you can spare the time.我代表同学写信邀请您来到场,如果您能抽出时间的话。


今天老师为大家整理了高中英语八种信件写作的实用金句和满分范文,用在英语作文里会增色加分不少。快快抓紧时间多储蓄几个吧!为高考加油!老师已为大家备好电子打印版,想要获取电子打印版请私信。1邀请信No.1 金句记诵1. I'm now writing on behalf of the classmates to invite you to come and attend it, if you can spare the time.我代表同学写信邀请您来到场,如果您能抽出时间的话。

2. I sincerely invite you to watch the show because…我诚挚地邀请您来看演出,因为…...3. You can reach me through my phone number 4476655 at your convenience.您可以在您利便的时候打我的电话,号码是 4476655。No.2 佳作赏析假定你是李华。你班同学决议为小明举行生日聚会。

请你写信邀请外教Susan到场,要点包罗:1. 时间:周五晚 8 点至 9 点2. 所在:学生俱乐部3. 内容:唱生日歌、吃蛋糕、玩游戏等4. 要求:备小礼物Hi, Susan,We're throwing a surprise party for Xiaoming’s birthday.As scheduled, all the classmates in our class will gather at the Students' Centre at 8 p.m. this Friday evening to celebrate Xiaoming's birthday. We would feel much honored if you could come and enjoy it, which is to finish at 9, lasting an hour.As the party starts, we will light the candles and sing "Happy Birthday" for him. Then the birthday cake will be presented and cut for all of us to enjoy, following which we'll sing songs and play some small games. What's more, as a surprise, we'll all prepare some secret birthday gifts for him, and it'll be great to see how surprised he will be seeing the gifts. As it's a surprise party, he will know nothing about it beforehand, and we do hope that you could manage to attend it.Looking forward to your coming. 2询问/回复信 No.1 金句记诵1. I am writing to ask for more information about it.我写信来询问更多关于它的消息。2. There are some pieces of information that I'd like to share with you.有一些消息我想要和你分享。

3. The most significant thing you should keep in mind is that…你需要记着的最重要的事情是...... No.2 佳作赏析假定你是李华,计划暑假期间去英国学习英语,为期六周。下面的广告引起了你的注意,请给该校写封信,询问有关情况(箭头所指内容)。ENJOY A RELAXING STUDY BREAKIN BEAUTIFUL LANCASTER-----------------------------------------LANGUAGE CENTRE AND COLLEGE OF ARTSUNIVERSITY OF LANCASTERLanguages* English * French * SpanishArts* Politics * Sociology * History3wk, 6wk and 12wk courses***Reasonable fees***Accommodation serviceDear Sir / Madam,I am a student in China and I plan to go to Britain to attend a summer school during the vacation. I've seen your ad, and I'd like to know something more about your six-week English courses.First, when will the course start and how many Class hours are there per week? Besides, I wish there would not be too many students in a class. I'd also like to know how much I have to pay for the course and whether accommodation is included. Would there be host family or university dormitory?I am looking forward to your early reply.Yours faithfully,Li Hua 3请求/求助信No.1 金句记诵1. I would be very grateful if you could… 如果您能……我将感谢不尽。


2. I would appreciate it if you could offer me a hand.如您能资助我,我将感谢不尽。3. Thanks for your kind consideration and I look forward to receiving your earliest reply.谢谢您的关注,期待收到您尽早的回复。4. If you need further information, do let me know.如您需要更多的信息,请见告我。No.2 佳作赏析 假定你是李华。

请你给笔友 Peter 写封信,告诉他你叔叔李明将去他所在都会开会,带去他想要的那幅中国画,同时询问他是否可以接机。信中还需说明:李明:高个子,戴眼镜航班号:CA985到达:8月6日上午11:30Dear Peter,How are you doing?I'm writing to tell you that my uncle Li Ming is going to have a meeting in your city. Do you remember the Chinese painting I promised you last year? My uncle will bring it to you soon. I hope you will like it.I wonder if you could do me a favor. This is the first time that my uncle visits the US, so I hope you can meet him at the airport. He arrives at 11 :30 a.m. on August 6th and his flight number is CA 985. I would appreciate it if you could take him to his hotel. My uncle is tall. He will be wearing dark glasses and a blue jacket.Looking forward to your reply. Yours,Li Hua4 申请/求职信No.1 金句记诵 1. I sincerely hope that my application could be favorably considered.我真诚地希望我的申请会被思量。2. The ad is really very appealing to me, so I'm now writing to you in the hope of filling in the job vacancy.这则广告很是吸引我,所以我写信给您希望能够填补这个职位的空缺。

3. I really want to obtain this precious opportunity because…我真的希望获得这次珍贵的时机,因为...... No.2 佳作赏析假定你是李华,从互联网 (the Internet) 上得知一个国际中学生组织将在新加坡(Singapore) 举行夏令营,接待各国学生到场。请写一封电子邮件申请到场。

内容主要包罗:1. 自我先容(包罗英语能力);2. 到场意图(先容中国、相识其他国家);3. 希望获准。Dear Sir or MadamThe other day I happened to read your advertisement on the Internet, saying that you are holding a summer camp aimed at students from around the world, and I'm interested to participate in it.I'm Li Hua, a middle school student in China. As a teenager, I'm interested in making friends with kids of my age from around the world. Your camp will provide a good chance for me to know a lot about other countries and tell them something about China. What's more, I can improve my English, communicating with people from other countries.I do hope that I can be lucky enough to be admitted to your camp.Looking forward to your reply.Regards,Li Hua5 建议信No.1 金句记诵 1. Almost perfect as it is, it should make more improvement in some area.虽然它近乎完美,可是它在一些方面也需要革新。2. And I've found that my problem lies chiefly in two aspects. For one thing, …For another thing, …我发现我的问题主要在于两个方面。

一方面,…... 另一方面, …...3. I believe that, with the joint efforts of both teachers and students, our school will become a more enjoyable place in the near future.我相信,有了老师和学生的配合努力,我们学校会在不久的未来成为一个更令人快乐的地方。No.2 佳作赏析假定你是李华,你所喜爱的 Global Mirror 周报正值创刊五周年之际征集读者意见。请你依据以下内容给主编写封信,内容主要包罗:1. 说明你是该报的忠实读者;2. 赞赏该报优点1) 兼顾海内外新闻2) 先容名人乐成故事;3. 提出建议:刊登指导英语学习的文章。

Dear Editor-in-Chief,Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of Global Mirror!I’m a regular reader of your newspaper. I like it very much mainly for the following two reasons. First, it covers both national and international news so that, by simply turning the pages, I can learn all important things that have happened during the week. Equally attractive are the success stories of world-famous people, which help me understand how a person can work hard to make the world a better place.As a young student, I suggest that Global Mirror carry articles to guide us in our English learning, and I hope that it will become even more popular.Sincerely yours,Li Hua 6谢谢/祝福信No.1 金句记诵1. I'm writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to you for teaching me the English song.我写信来达对你教我英文歌的衷心谢谢!2. Without your help, the performance couldn't have been that successful.没有您的资助,演出不会有那么乐成。3. I'd like to express my thanks for your hospitality and kindness when | was in America.我想谢谢您对我在美国时的好客和友好。


4. In addition, what has impressed me most is…而且,最让我感动的是...... No.2 佳作赏析假定你是李华,从小喜爱大熊猫 (panda),一直通过有关网站 (website)关注三年前在美国圣地亚哥动物园出生的大熊猫“苏琳”和她的母亲“白云”。现在苏琳即将三岁。请凭据以下要点给动物园事情人员写一封信:1. 自我先容;2. 祝贺苏琳生日;3. 谢谢事情人员;4. 要苏琳三岁生日照片Dear Sir/Madam,Greetings from China!This is Li Hua, a student in China. I've been fond of pandas since my childhood. Since three years ago, when the panda Baiyun gave birth to a baby panda Sulin, I have been visiting your website to keep myself informed about how things are going for them. If I remember clearly, she will turn three soon. I want to say happy birthday to her and express my thanks to you for your hard work, with which she has been brought up and has been living happily with her parents in the US.By the way, I wonder if I could have a photo taken of Sulin on her third birthday. Thank you very much in advance.Yours truly,Li Hua7投诉信No.1 金句记诵1. Taking into account all three factors above, I request that the company should have a change of it for me as soon as possible.思量到以上的三个因素,我要求公司要为我尽快换一个新的。2. But we are regretful to find that it cannot work normally.可是,我们很遗憾地发现它不能正常地事情。

3. Your prompt attention and early reply will be appreciated.谢谢您即时的关注和及早的回复。4. I am waiting for a reasonable explanation and expecting an early reply.我在等候一个合理的解释,并期待及早回复。

No.2 佳作赏析如果你是李华,昨天在商场购置了一台电风扇,回家后发现它不能运转。你回到店里与营业员谈判时,该营业员对你的态度恶劣,对你提出的问题不予受理。

请你为此向司理写一封投诉信。Dear Manager,I feel sorry to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint.Yesterday I bought an electric fan in your shop, but when I got home and turned it on, it didn't work. So I took it back and talked to the assistant about the problem. To my surprise, instead of helping me solve the problem, the man, in a rude manner, refused to examine it.Generally, your shop is well-known for good service and that is why I bought the electric fan in your shop. I was really upset to find that such a thing should have occurred in your shop.I am waiting for a reasonable explanation and expecting an early reply.Sincerely yours,Li Hua 8致歉信No.1 金句记诵1. I feel terribly sorry for missing the chance of answering your letter in time.我十分歉仄没有时向信。2. Anyhow, I sincerely hope that we can fix another time for...无论如何,我真心希望我们可以再找一个时间......3. I'm awfully sorry for the sudden change of plan and feel it a great pity to miss the opportunity.对突然的改变我感应十分歉仄,对错过这个时机感应很惋惜。

No.2 佳作赏析如果你是新华中学的学生李华,你的美国朋侪Tom一周前给你发电子邮件,询问你暑假里的计划,但你因准备期末考试未能实时回复。请凭据以下要点给他回封邮件:1. 未实时回信的原因2. 你假期的计划(如做兼职、旅行、做志愿者等)。

Dear TomI'm terribly sorry I couldn't reply to your email which you sent me a week ago immediately. I was so occupied with the final exams.As for the coming summer holiday, I will first do a part time job in a fast-food restaurant. Not only will I earn some money but I will also gain some social experience through it. And then I will go on a trip to Sichuan, where there are a great number of places of interest. Finally, go to Ya'an to work as a volunteer. There is no doubt that children there are badly in need of help. I hope what I will do will make a great difference to them.Best wishes.Yours sincerely,Li Hua。





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